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TenList has crossed the pond! TenList is a directory of local contractor services and tradespeople that match consumers to verified local companies who give up to 5 Free Quotes on your next home improvement project. Contractors from across the UK are waiting to bid on your business.  TenList displays companies tradespeople who have competitive pricing, good references and reliable, prompt service.  If you want to find a local contractor, need a home repair or service... you have found to the right place. Just fill out the quick, easy form found on any page and you will receive up to 5 bids from verified contractors and tradespeople.


Looking to have a toilet fitted? Have a broken window pane or need a window glazer? What about finally refurbishing your loft or house? Do you need a heating contractor who knows all about gas, oil and woodburning stoves and how to fix them? Replacing a boiler? You can find it all of these things and more right here at TenList.


Whatever you need for loft, house or office, you can find it right here. Simply fill out our form and let contractors bid for your business. Find someone you can trust to repair or replace whatever you need. This local directory offers one of the most complete list of contractors in the UK...ones you can trust and rely on. Our local contractors are fast, neat and courteous. Once you fill out the form, they will contact you to discuss your project. If it is an emergency, they will call right away and come out immediately to help.





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